Mohive releases major new version of e-learning publishing system

Mohive logo 85 x 60Mohive today announced the launch of Mohive e-Learning Publishing System (eLPS) version 4.0. This new version of Mohive eLPS–formerly known as Mohive Toolbox–provides customers with enhanced enterprise support, more e-learning publishing options, and even more workflow functionality.

Mohive eLPS is intended for large organisations looking to enhance their e-learning, taking it from a series of individual projects into a company-wide initiative. Mohive’s workflow-driven approach ensures subject matter experts and learning experts can collaborate to create robust, compliant e-learning content that provides enhanced product, service, and business process training. In short, Mohive provides a software system that helps organisations collaboratively plan, author, review, and publish vast amounts of e-learning content.

“With this latest version we have further enhanced the only e-learning system designed specifically for enterprise-class organisations to create and publish e-learning. Our approach is designed to help organisations use e-learning to more efficiently create and deliver effective product and service training, which ultimately leads to increased sales,” said Lars Unneberg, Mohive CEO.

Version 4.0 includes

A new name: Mohive is changing product name. What used to be called Mohive Toolbox is now called Mohive e-Learning Publishing System, or Mohive eLPS for short. This name change represents the shift the product has taken over the past couple years, from an authoring tool to an enterprise system for e-learning publishing.

Enhanced Enterprise support: Mohive eLPS version 4.0 provides a series of enhanced enterprise-level features, including:

  • Communication framework –for communicating review and approvals via email or RSS
  • Dashboards – providing a quick-access view of key metrics 
  • Enhanced media asset management – including copyright checking
  • Web services improvements – making it even easier to integrate with existing enterprise systems

Publishing framework: The publishing framework improvements include:

  • Choice of resolutions – users can publish courses in numerous resolutions, from 640 x 480 and up.
  • PDF export – Users can publish courses into PDF format for reuse as printed material
  • Smart-loading of content – Mohive uses a smart preloading system, delivering the most advanced, efficient course pre-loading system in the industry

Improved workflow – Version 4.0 includes enhanced workflow functionality:

  • Improved group handling – Mohive can better manage different groups, including Administrator, Author, Editor, Reference Groups, and Graphic Designer.
  • Roles and rights enhancements – Better support for managing who has access to what
  • Number of course levels – Adjust the depth of courses, from a small, high-level course to in-depth course modules with numerous sequences and chapters

To learn more about this major new release from Mohive, visit our new website to read more and attend upcoming webcasts.

About Mohive:

Mohive develops the Mohive e-Learning Publishing System (eLPS), an enterprise software solution intended for organisations looking to enhance their e-learning, taking it from a series of individual projects into a company-wide initiative. Mohive eLPS integrates tightly with leading learning management systems from companies such as Oracle, SABA, and SAP.


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