Most UK employees say green benefits would increase their loyalty to employers

UK workers would welcome their employers being more environmentally responsible and providing them with more ‘green’ benefits, a survey has found.

Of 1,000 employees surveyed by HR consultancy Ceridian, 69% said was important their employer was environmentally responsible, with more than half wishing their organisation would do more.

More than a third of all workers surveyed felt that receiving greener benefits would make them more loyal to their employer. Fourteen per cent would change jobs for a greener benefits package

The top three most attractive ‘green’ benefits would be incentives to move to sustainable electricity/energy (67%), access to discounts on ‘green’ recycled products (65%) and discounts on public transport (59%).

Doug Sawers, managing director of Ceridian, said: “People today recognise they need to do more to ensure the long-term survival of our planet and employees appear to be keen to do their bit when backed by like-minded employers.”

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