Mother of all skills development plans

As the mother of a one-year-old, the subject of Stephen Overell’s Off Message article, ‘The work-life fallacy’ (Personnel Today, 10 May) is very close to my heart.

He spoke of the three options open to women: being superwomen, going part-time, or making the choice between work and home. But I would like to add a fourth option, which is the one I took – becoming self-employed.

I realise this option is not for everyone, but then again, neither is being superwoman. I know a number of women who have taken the opportunity to change career direction completely or set up a business based on their existing skillset. It gives you flexibility without the guilt and provides you with an alternative to the ‘mummy track’.

If only recruitment agencies and employers knew what an amazing array of professional skills are lurking at the average mums and toddlers playgroup.

Marion Stone
Proprietor, Cornerstone Training

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