MSc in People and Organisational Development, Roffey Park

How long?
Established in 1991, and accredited by the University of Salford, Roffey Park’s MSc is a two-year, part-time programme aimed at people development and OD (occupational development????) specialists – those responsible for learning and transformation at an individual and organisational level.

Entry qualifications
Potential applicants need several years’ development experience and a demonstrable track record of organisational change.  All participants work in small groups, called Learning Sets, which meet monthly.  The mix of different backgrounds enhances the learning experience, gives a broader perspective and creates a forum for you to network with peers in different organisations. 

The programme features an innovative learning approach which allows you to focus on your own key areas for improvement while contributing to your organisation.  Past participants have focused on diverse issues such as strategy and strategic HR, communications/interpersonal skills development, organisational culture, leadership, consulting/consultancy skills, neuro-linguistic programming, facilitation, creativity, team-work and global organisational change.  Students are evaluated through self and peer assessment; there are no exams.

Career opportunities
This qualification will make you more efficient and more effective, raising your profile and giving you personal and professional impact.  It will help you maximise the performance of people in your organisation.  It involves self-discipline and effort, but you are rewarded by an increase not only in your knowledge, expertise and leadership capabilities but in your confidence, your self-awareness and your self-reliance.

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