MyWorkOffers opens the employee benefits market to SMEs

The launch of MyWorkOffers by Accor Services has opened the door for SMEs to source cost effective and creative ways to reward and motivate their employees. This online employee benefits solution has been developed specifically for organisations employing less than 500 people and gives employees access to 200+ offers and discounts at any one time.

“Whether, with Christmas coming, employees are looking to make savings on day-to-day shopping, lifestyle and entertainment purchases or days out and holidays, there are offers and discounts to help them at MyWorkOffers,” explains Andy Philpott marketing director at Accor Services.

“For many years larger employers in the UK have been able to access a host of discounts, savings and benefits, but the cost and hassle associated with offering employee benefits has been prohibitive for smaller organisations, making cost effective benefits an inaccessible and unattractive option for the vast majority of SMEs. And at a time when it’s difficult to offer employees a pay rise or core benefits, MyWorkOffers represents an easy and highly cost effective way for SMEs to give something extra to their employees. Essentially it’s a great way to motivate and enhance performance within your business,” he explains.

“MyWorkOffers was developed in response to high customer demand,” explains Philpott. “Thousands of SME employees who use our childcare vouchers have had access to an online platform of offers for some time and many of these organisations have asked us to find a cost effective way to extend this type of offering to all employees within their business. We’re pleased to offer them MyWorkOffers and do exactly this!”


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