New E-Recruitment website assists employers with online recruitment tools

HR Connexions – An Online Recruitment and E-Recruitment Solutions company has launched its new website that provides comprehensive information and e-tools to assist employers with their E-Recruitment Strategy.

Through a clean and contemporary design, HR Connexions’s new website is simple to navigate and quickly directs the visitor to the most suitable E-Recruitment options available.

Embracing web 2.0, the site has been designed with the Employer in mind and aims to keep the visitor interested, encourage interaction and be being easy to use (even for those with no understanding of web 2.0). 

The Corporate Blog has been created as a news and knowledge base for the employer; this is consistently updated to assist companies in keeping up to date on the latest developments, information and tips about online recruitment. 

The site also links to forums, blogs, social networking sites and statistical data. 

This provides a single reference point for the employer to help when developing and implementing e-recruitment strategies. 

There is also a “submit vacancy” form which means that clients can now quickly submit their vacancy to HR Connexions, with the confidence that a web friendly recruitment advert will be delivered to them within 4 hours.

“We love the new design and simplicity of our website” said Lis Wilson, Director of HR Connexions. 

“We hope that our clients will find it a useful tool and a valuable reference point when researching E-Recruitment.  We appreciate that most visitors to our web site are not recruitment or web 2.0 experts and to keep up to date with all developments and options can be overwhelming. 

“We hope that through our new web site we are able to simplify the process and pass on some of our expertise to the employer.”

The site has also been re-designed to benefit the Job seeker; they are still able to search vacancies, create email alerts and manage their applications.

However, additional functions have been included to assist the job seeker in finding a job, these include: Useful fact sheets, links to Facebook pages, social networking tags, crazy interview cards and recommend jobs to friends.

Lis Wilson added:

“This is an exciting time within the recruitment industry, the last 18 months has seen many organizations embrace some dramatic changes to their recruitment processes. No longer do companies or job seekers have to settle with recruitment agencies or the local jobs paper. 

“The internet has changed the way we recruit and it is continuing to develop at an incredible speed. HR Connexions hopes that all employers (no matter their size or staff turnover) can now benefit from these new e-tools and stay ahead of the game, to win the war on talent”

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