New Guide to Writing an E-learning RFP published

The E-learning List, the leading marketplace for e-learning services and solutions has recently published a new white paper designed to help training buyers ensure they get the best e-learning solutions for their needs.

The E-learning List Guide to Writing an E-learning RFP is designed to help training buyers put together a Request for Proposals as part of an e-learning solution procurement process.

By providing a suggested outline structure and content for an RFP, it aims to help training buyers put together a document that will enable vendors to provide a detailed response, and that in turn will help the customer make a decision about the best solution for their needs.

The paper is a natural extension of the website’s service that enables training buyers to submit an RFP to the website as an invitation for market leading e-learning suppliers to offer their services.

About the E-learning List.

The E-learning List is an online marketplace that helps to connect Training and HR professionals with suppliers of e-learning services.

It is the only place on the web where anyone considering using or buying e-learning services from external providers can find solutions from among over 240 different suppliers, large and small.

Visitors to the site can post details of any learning requirements they have and member suppliers can get in touch to offer their services. This makes the site invaluable to potential buyers of e-learning services who want to find solutions to their needs but don’t have the time to research the market and identify possible suppliers themselves.

Training buyers wishing to procure an e-learning solution through a more formal process can send their RFP to the E-learning List, define the maximum number of responses they want to receive, and set a deadline.

The site takes care of the rest. A summary of the RFP is published to market leading e-learning service vendors, but the total number of actual responses is limited to the maximum set by the purchasing organisation.

The way the system works suppliers are motivated to only respond to what they can deliver, and the buyer gets a reasonable range of proposed solutions, without being inundated with too many responses to read.

Suppliers on the e-learning list offer a broad range of services, including Social Learning Software, Serious Games, Rapid E-learning Tools, Testing Solutions, Consulting Services, Bespoke Course Development, LMS and LCMS Platforms, Live E-learning Solutions, and Off-the-Shelf Courses.

There is no other place on the web where information about so many e-learning suppliers can be found together.

Best of all – it is completely free of charge to buyers – making it a risk free way of complementing any standard training procurement process.


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