WEALTH at work calls for greater financial literacy

High profile and senior pension professionals from The NAPF, The Pensions Regulator, and the Pensions Management Institute attended the launch event of WEALTH at work last week at an exclusive London venue along with guests from major blue chip companies.

David Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer from WEALTH at work facilitated the event and commented, “The event was organised to bring together some of the UK’s leading pensions expertise to discuss workplace based financial education and how it can help employees enjoy greater financial security”.

The event included a roundtable discussion on the idea of using the workplace to educate employees and increase financial literacy skills in the UK.

Chief Executive of the NAPF, Joanne Segars OBE, commented “One of the main reasons is a lack of knowledge and confidence when it comes to pensions and other investment solutions. It is vital that employers bridge this gap by providing education and advice on all aspects of personal finance including diversification”.

John-Paul Marks, Head of Corporate and International Relations at The Pension Regulator agreed and commented that “employers play a vital role in helping their employees to make informed decisions about their future. As a trusted source of information they can motivate and support their employees to think about their retirement plans. We are actively encouraging employers to play their part in providing information to employees now and in the run up to 2012, when the introduction of auto-enrolment and the duty to provide a pension will begin. In partnership, we can help enable millions of people to start saving for the first time”.

David Cassidy summarised the discussion by explaining that “the workplace provides a wealth of opportunity to drive real value for employees with little or no cost to the employer”.


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