New ‘maternity covered payroll service’ launched by ESOS

ESOS, one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced payroll solutions, has launched a new Maternity Covered Payroll Service to help companies maintain business continuity and efficiency at times when they are without key personnel on maternity leave.
When it comes to covering for maternity leave, many companies are unaware of how long they will need to provide cover for. All they know is that they have to leave the job open for the current member of staff.
When met with this situation many companies are often left with no other alternative but to train another member of staff to do the job or recruit someone on a short term contract.
However, recruiting someone on a temporary basis has the pitfalls of any recruitment – you may not find a suitable candidate, they may take the job whilst looking for something permanent resulting in you needing to recruit again, or you may have to train them to use a system they have never used before.
The Maternity Covered Payroll Service from ESOS provides the ideal solution, enabling firms to hand over their payroll to experts on a short term fixed basis, relieving them from an unnecessary headache of worrying about legislation and allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities.
Moreover, it is a more cost effective way for companies to handle their payroll during the time of the payroll administrator’s absence, and they needn’t panic should they choose not to return to work at the end of their maternity leave as they will already have the payroll provider in place.
Dave Cooper, Managing Director at ESOS says: “There are times when even the most reliable payroll administrator needs time off. More often than not, this is due to holiday entitlement, however, in times of prolonged illness or maternity leave, this can cause problems for employers.
“Finding short term cover for maternity leave can be a real challenge and cause for concern for many employers. Short term outsourcing bridges a gap for many employers and proves more cost effective than recruiting a new member of staff on a short term basis.

“Likewise it maintains business continuity, efficiency and removes the worry should the person on maternity leave decide not to return to her position at the last moment.”
The Maternity Covered Payroll Service, which reflects ESOS’ flexible approach to outsourcing, works on a 12-month temporary contract and is reviewed after nine months.
At the end of the 12-month contract the client has the option to extend the deal or cease it upon knowing whether the Payroll Administrator is to return to their original position.
Companies can enjoy significant savings by adopting ESOS Maternity Covered Payroll Service instead of recruiting temporary employees on a contractual basis.

Firms with 400 employees can expect to see a 28 per cent cost saving on their payroll while those with 50 employees can enjoy an astonishing 81 per cent saving.

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