New online resource pack helps organisations manage change

A new online resource pack which helps organisations to manage change programmes more effectively, by taking into account the personalities of those affected, has been launched by Academy28, the behavioural assessment provider.

Called Your Preferences for Change, the pack includes a 10-minute ‘type assessment’ which reveals an individual’s personality and behavioural preferences, a report which explains how that person sees, experiences and deals with change and a workbook which provides exercises and action pointers to help them start a change programme, keep it going or get it back on track.

“Your personality preferences affect the way you react to change,” said Clare Howard, Managing Director of Academy28.

“By giving people a better understanding of how they approach change and highlighting the support they need, this online pack can help organisations to embrace and respond to change quickly and productively.”

Academy28’s web-based ‘type assessment’ classifies how you think and behave into one of 16 personality ‘types’. It provides a wealth of insight into your character and shows how you can be more effective in everyday business challenges.

After the assessment, a report and workbook are instantly generated online.

The report analyses how you experience and react to change, how your behaviour towards change is affected by your own type preferences and the support you need to respond positively to change.

It also provides tips and advice on how to lead and support others through change by taking account of their personal preferences, behaviour and needs.

The workbook encourages you to reflect on your response to change and helps you create an action plan to manage change programmes one step at a time.

“Organisations often run into resistance because people feel uncomfortable about change,” said Clare Howard. “Using this pack, leaders, managers, coaches and HR practitioners can ensure that change is accepted and supported.”

Academy28 has four other ‘online resource packs’, which provide expert guidance on the impact of personality preferences on teams (for team leaders and team members), influencing, classroom-based training (for trainers and trainees) and virtual training (for trainers and trainees).

“Our online assessment differs from other tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory because you don’t need any specific training to interpret the results and the whole process is faster and more cost effective,” said Clare Howard.

The Your Preferences for Change online pack – which includes the assessment, report and workbook – is priced at £20 per person. Corporate licences are also available.

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