New panel aims to boost UK productivity

new think-tank comprised of Europe’s leading experts in training and skills
development has been formed to find ways to boost UK productivity.

16 experts from HR, academia and business will advise the new Skills for
Business network on how to keep the UK workforce competitive.

Government has tasked Skills for Business – which forms part of the new
industry network of Sector Skills Councils – with helping to create policy on
training and skills development.

Mike Campbell, chairman of the new panel, said it hoped to provide employers
with a blueprint of how to increase effectiveness on a local, national and
international scale.

this environment, we’ll be able to air and discuss some of the most pressing
skills issues for businesses today,” he said.

well as looking at what opportunities and challenges we’ll face in the future,
we’ll also look at current problems so that we can advise and help develop the
correct path towards being able to harness the best value from a highly-skilled

Paul Yandall

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