New scheme to help companies hire the right non-exec

A new initiative to help companies find the right non-executive director has been launched by the leading Financial Times-owned website.

Job ads for non-execs can now be posted free of charge by companies on the site, which is sponsored by Cranfield University School of Management and currently has more than 700 experienced executives keen to pursue new NED appointments.

The scheme, which comes into effect this month, aims to widen the scope of non-exec and trustee jobs available to the website’s growing membership.

Betty Thayer, chief executive of, said: “Finding the right non-exec can be prohibitively expensive, particularly for SMEs who could benefit most from the input of a good non-exec. 

“We know from research that half of all non-executive director recruitment is still carried out through personal contacts, and this does little to guarantee their independence.

“Best practice dictates that non-exec recruitment should be subject to a professional process which can access a wide talent pool. We believe our new service will help companies achieve that.”

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