New website can help save money when hiring staff

An innovative new website has been launched that can help firms save money, when it comes to hiring staff. is an all in one system for businesses looking to communicate to the recruitment world, the best part of it all is that it is free to use.

The website acts like a job board, but instead of posting your job for candidates to view you are posting your job for recruitment agencies to view.

The easy to use website allows clients to post jobs to divisions, stating a fee they are willing to pay an agency or requesting a quote and with 1000’s of agencies on the system including Hays, Select and Adecco to name a few.

The system is set to simplify the whole process for hiring managers as well as save them money.

Stefan Kyriakides, founder of, discovered that the means of communication between clients and recruitment agencies is very limited.

Stefan had this to say:

“the way I see businesses using recruitment agencies is like using the internet without a search engine, yes it works but you never know the full potential.

“This fundamental flaw that exists prohibits clients from exhausting all resources to them, recruitment agencies want to work on your job and provide a good service, as it is one of the only industries that they get a fee if their work has been successful and even when this is the case, there is usually a rebate scheme in place in case the candidate leaves.” does all the leg work of finding agencies and divisions they specialise in so you don’t have to.

The system allows clients to create multiple approved lists of agencies otherwise known as Preferred Supplier Lists and facilitates a candidate and job management system so reducing the need to communicate with agencies directly.

The list of features is quite extensive, too many to go through here but by registering you can see why it has taken a year to develop.

The results should be beneficial to any client looking to hire candidates through a recruitment agency and if you haven’t used recruitment agencies in the past then allows for an easy introduction into this field, especially as it is free.

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