NHS launches ‘customer care’ programme

A new programme has been launched to give practical advice and support to all staff in the NHS on improving working relationships, dealing with difficult situations and handling complaints.

Concise Customer Care, launched by the National Health Service University, stresses the vital role of communication in providing a stable and positive working environment and achieving co-operative relationships with patients.

The programme consists of four flexible modules, which can be delivered in a full-day session, two half days or as four individual sessions, enabling programme leaders to accommodate time pressures and individual requirements.

The modules include:

  • Introducing Customer Care – understanding the nature of customer care, the requirements of it in NHS jobs and the importance of looking after the requirements of both internal and external customers

  • Communicating with Customers – understanding what constitutes effective communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, and the importance of using effective communication in dealing with customers

  • Challenging Situations and Handling Complaints – developing an awareness of where it is difficult to practise good customer care, the role of PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) in managing customer feedback and strategies for dealing with demanding situations and customers who are unhappy

  • Positive Approaches Towards Customers – raising awareness of the importance of positive approaches to customers and understanding and promoting privacy and dignity in dealing with customers.

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