Nick Brown appointed Health and Safety Minister

Brown has been appointed Minister for Health and Safety.

appointment follows the decision by the Prime Minister that the Department for
Work and Pensions should take responsibility for health and safety from the
former Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions.

will remain Minister for Work and retains all his previous responsibilities.

his appointment Brown said: "I’m delighted to take on this important task.
I intend to work closely with Bill Callaghan and the Health and Safety
Commission, as well as ministerial colleagues in other departments to build an
agenda for ‘welfare in work’ to complement the Welfare to Work agenda.

recruitment and retention increasingly important at this time of record
employment, improving health and safety at work will benefit employees and
employers alike."

Smith has been named as the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

said: "I look forward to working with Nick Brown and the Health and Safety
Commission on delivering improved health and safety at work.

has the right to a safe work environment. By engaging with employers and trade
unions we will promote the message that good businesses manage their health and
safety proactively and in collaboration with employees."

By Paul Nelson

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