Nine out of ten employers claim there is too much red tape

Nine out of ten employers claim that the Government has
introduced too much red tape.

The survey of 1,320 employers by lawyers Peninsula shows
that 91 per cent claim they have noticed a significant increase in workplace
regulations over the last four years.

More than 80 per cent view employment law as an obstacle that
prevents them from putting all their efforts into running their business, while
nearly a fifth said that it is a duty they leave to their HR people to handle.

A period in which no legislation was introduced for a year would
be welcomed by 86 per cent of the respondents.

Nearly three quarters said that they would not be able to
name the last five recent changes or new workplace laws introduced.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula, said, “What
employers want now is breathing space, allowing them time to get to grips with
recently introduced workplace laws. They need a rest period before being
bombarded with new legislation.”

By Katie Hawkins.
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