NLP is excellent tool for HR, coaches and counsellors

As a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), I have working experience that it is an excellent tool for HR, coaching and counselling (Personnel Today, 20 June).

The sceptics’ view that there is a lack of evidence reminds me of the medical profession, which for years said there was no proof that fruit and vegetable intake could help prevent cancer and heart disease. Now suddenly they’re publishing ‘new discoveries’ that naturopaths have known for centuries.

One of the reasons that NLP works so well is that, unlike traditional psychotherapy and counselling, it does not dredge over people’s past misfortunes. That just reaffirms a person’s negative neural paths. NLP focuses on what the person wants rather than what they don’t want, and assists them in moving forward, and creates new positive neural paths.

NLP might well be ‘just’ a collection of techniques, but if they are effective for the user and the recipient, is there any need for all the academic snobbery?

I wonder if, in a few years’ time a bunch of ‘qualified’ academics will be announcing their ‘brilliant new findings’ about NLP, while some of us will be muttering ‘what took you so long?’

Ruth Gilmour, HR manager, Kingstown Furniture

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