NLP should not be seen as a panacea for all HR ills

I enjoyed reading your feature about the ‘saviour’ of HR, which is sometimes known as NLP (Personnel Today, 20 June).

Although an interesting and sometimes useful tool, I can’t help but question its credibility and validity in the HR function due to the lack of evidence that it actually works.

The only people who seem to rally to the banner of NLP are the actual NLP practitioners themselves. If you ever want to see an example of almost zealot-like belief, just start a debate with an NLP practitioner about the merits of the subject and the fact that nothing has actually been proven. They take it personally that you are a possible non-believer.

My slant is that it is a useful tool if you use it as part of a ‘medicine cabinet’ of methods, to improve your own skills and those of others. But what cures one does not necessarily cure all.

Peter Wright, HR practitioner

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