Nurturing leaders should be a priority for HR

leaders should be a priority for HR

should concentrate on nurturing pre-leadership skills so that good leaders
emerge from within organisations.

was the message from George Edwards, head of strategic development at the
Institute of Leadership & Management.

at the Public Sector People Management Expo in London,
Edwards said he believed the profession could help create the right environment
for would-be leaders to learn integrity, team-working, communication skills and
corporate focus.

said this was essential if people were to make the difficult transition from
team player to leader.

called on HR to see the workplace as a community in which people have pride.

believe in natural working – do the job and be yourself at the same time” he said.

for encouraging pre-leadership skills

Openness about direction and goals

Everyone knows how to contribute

Co-operation not competition

Work and effort praised

Rewards shared

Work-life balance recognised

Everyone supported to do the job well

By Jane King



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