Office dress codes should be relaxed as UK heatwave, says TUC

The TUC has today urged employers to relax office dress codes and cool down their overheating offices, to make work more “bearable for staff” in the high temperatures.

The union believes that the best way for staff to keep cool inside during swelteringly heat is for them to be able to wear less formal, more casual clothing, and come into work in short sleeves and shorts.

Brendan Barber, general secretary at the union, said: “Allowing employees to dress down in the current heatwave will prevent them from collapsing at their desks, and could also save companies money as they are able to turn down the air con a notch.”

The TUC added that it would like to see the law changed so there is an absolute indoor maximum of 30˚C, with employers forced to introduce cooling measures when the outside temperature hits 24˚C.

The Telegraph | Metro

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