Olympic Delivery Authority sets out equality and diversity demands for contractors

Budding Olympic contractors without a clear equality and diversity strategy need not apply to take part in the 2012 Games.

That is the message the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) sent out to employers with the publication of its draft equality and diversity strategy last week.

The strategy, which sets out how the principles of equality and diversity will be incorporated into the Olympic project, specifies that contractors must be able to demonstrate an equality driven recruitment process.

Companies should have a suitably diverse workforce with reasonable numbers of workers from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups to help achieve the ODA’s key objectives.

Employers that engage with diverse groups from local communities will also be favoured, in addition to organisations that promote opportunities for disabled people.

Sir Roy McNulty, acting chair of the ODA, stated in the draft consultation: “Our goal is to be an organisation that delivers real and practical outcomes for equality and diversity alongside the park, venues, infrastructure and transport which we will deliver for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The ODA said it would try to ensure equality and diversity practices were incorporated into its business processes.

An ODA spokeswoman told Personnel Today: “We will be seeking to work collaboratively with our suppliers and partners to achieve the aims outlined in our draft equality and diversity strategy.

“Equality requirements will be built into procurement and contract management and we will require all suppliers to monitor their recruitment process with this in mind.”

The consultation period for the draft strategy runs until 23 February.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is also in the process of developing an equality strategy for the project.

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