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Hill has been appointed as senior consultant with William M Mercer, based in
London. His responsibilities will include advising clients on share schemes,
long-term incentives and global share plans. Hill joins Mercer from Laytons
Solicitors where he was head of share schemes and employee benefits.

McCullough is the new personnel manager at Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment in
Cambridge. McCullough will implement personnel procedures and training and
development. He will also spearhead a drive to hire 40 new staff in line with
the company’s recruitment plans. He said, “It is an exciting and challenging
job – this is a very forward-looking company.”

company Radiant Networks has appointed Christine Hurst as HR director. Hurst
has had a successful career in hotels, culminating in the role of personnel and
training manager at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel. She then moved into
management consultancy which led her to become HR director of the company which
later became Bell Cablemedia. Hurst said, “I look forward to the challenges of
overseeing the HR function in Radiant, which is a dynamic organisation.”

Anglian HR consultancy Personnel Matters has hired Andrea Emeny as senior

has held training and development positions with NTL, JD Williams & Co and
the Anglia Regional Co-operative Society.


Hayer is the new HR director for the Commission for Health Improvement, the
government-appointed body responsible for enforcing clinical standards in the
NHS. He has worked in the NHS for 11 years and was previously HR director and
lead manager for cancer services at Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust in Cambridge.
Addenbrooke’s is a large teaching hospital employing more than 5,500 people.

will join Gwyn Bevan, director of research and information, and director of
operations Steve Graham – two other new appointments to the board.

said, “My first goal will be to set up an effective HRM system that will allow
the CHI to carry out its work programme. I also aim to promote the link between
HR and clinical governance across the NHS.

the past I had been working for organisations that were losing staff, but now I
am working for an organisation that will be growing – it will be a different
situation but just as challenging.”

CHI holds assessments, called clinical governance reviews, in every NHS trust,
health authority and primary care group across England and Wales once every
four years.

profile: Lionel Fairweather

Fairweather is the new HR manager at personnel systems provider Logic Systems
Management. He began his career in the British Army reserve forces, where he
was a survival instructor. While in the Army he qualified in parachuting,
advanced medicine, demolitions and communications.

is the most important lesson you have learnt in your career?
Treat people how you want to be treated.

 If your house was on fire and you could save
one object, what would it be?
My university degrees would come just in front of my climbing gear.

is the best thing about working in HR?
I think it is the most varied role in an organisation, that has to manage
both upwards and downwards in order to achieve the business vision.

have stumbled upon a time machine in the vaults of your company building. Which
period in history would you visit and why?
I would therefore love to have the opportunity to see Rome during the 1st
century AD, to see for myself what processes brought about both the rise and
fall of that civilisation.  

you could adopt the management style of an historical character, whose would
you adopt and why?
Nelson Mandela is a leader I much admire. He saw the bigger picture and in
my opinion genuinely believed in forgiving those who wanted to keep him down
and the apartheid system in place. 

would you do if you had more spare time?
I would do more mountaineering. I have been on three trips to the Himalayas
including two attempts on Mt Everest.

is your greatest strength?
My Myers Briggs profile tells me I am best suited to be a Shaper. I would
agree with that.

is your least appealing characteristic?
Perhaps that is something you should ask my colleagues.

is the greatest risk you ever took?
Watching an avalanche hurtling towards me in Alaska was the result of a
risk, but there was nothing I could do about it at the time but wait to see if
it hit me.


HR manager, Logic Systems Management
1998-2000 Business psychologist, Psylutions
1997-1998 Outdoors Unlimited programmes manager, University of California
1994-1996 Senior instructor, LTR Training Systems
1993-1994 Consultant and trainer, Catalyst Training and Development
1985-1993 Administrator and climber, British Army (Reserve Forces)

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