Online jobseekers succeed in securing new positions

More than half the people interviewed for a job they spotted on the internet have been successful, according to a poll of 37,000 online jobseekers.

The National Online Rec­ruitment Audience Survey (Noras) 2007 of 27 leading job boards – including Fish4jobs, JobServe and – confirmed that the number of people getting jobs online is continuing to rise.

The survey provides a detailed snapshot of how online jobseekers search and apply for work. A key trend is the use of mobile phones with internet access, which enable jobseekers to search on the move. More than half of the respondents own a mobile with this capability.

The UK online recruitment market continues to grow. It was worth £103m for the first half of 2006, compared with the 2005 total of £200m and £120m in 2004.

Tim Elkington, managing director of Enhance Media – which manages Noras – said: “It’s interesting to see the large number of jobseekers who have mobile phones with internet access. The next challenge for employers will be to make sure they keep in touch with these jobseekers by taking advantage of the latest technology.”

Stephen Carr, manager of recruitment sourcing and processes at mobile phone firm T-Mobile, said: “We’re excited about this year’s findings on the potential for mobile technology to play a greater part in the recruitment process.”

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