Opportunities for HR graduates to fall during 2004

for HR graduates are expected to fall in 2004, despite a general increase of
11.9 per cent in all degree-level jobs.

Association of Graduate Recruiters’ (AGR) latest survey confirms that after two
consecutive years of reduced vacancies for graduates, positions for them are
set to increase.

this will be scant comfort to those currently trying to get into the HR
profession. The Graduate Recruitment Survey 2004 reveals that the smallest
number of vacancies in 2004 will be for graduate positions in HR and marketing.
It also predicts an 8.2 per cent drop in graduate HR positions in the next year.

215 employers who responded to the survey said that a mere 1.4 per cent of
total vacancies were HR graduate positions.

Gilleard, chief executive of the AGR, said the survey illustrated the HR
profession’s need to recruit more graduates.

very difficult for graduates to break into HR," he said. "Interest is
very high and the profession can pick and choose. HR needs to start instigating
a few more training schemes."

are rising, with employers expecting to pay new graduates a median starting
salary of £21,100 in 2004. This represents an increase of 3.9 per cent since
last year.

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