Organisational culture: Michael Whitfield talks to Oven-Ready HR

Michael Whitfield
Michael Whitfield

This week’s Oven-Ready HR guest revolutionised how organisations offered, and employees accessed, benefits.

As co-founder of Thomson’s Online Benefits and its award-winning  software named Darwin, used today by nine of the world’s top 10 technology firms and eight of the world’s top financial services groups, Michael Whitfield was CEO of a global business that at the time of its sale to Mercer in 2016, employed some 650 people in offices around the globe. That was Michael Whitfield 1.0.

Today, Michael Whitfield 2.0, far from spending time on the golf course, is a leading hands-on investor and adviser to a diverse portfolio of disruptive HR tech businesses. His passion for HR tech and disruption remains undimmed and this wide-ranging and fascinating interview gives valuable insights from both his former and current business experience.

Whitfield tells Chris Taylor:

  • How good organisational culture needs far more than lip-service and how it starts and ends with the firm’s leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion will occur naturally if your culture allows it
  • His passion for social-mobility and his thoughts on the government’s levelling up agenda
  • His concern and worries surrounding youth unemployment
  • His scepticism surrounding  a university education
  • His strong belief in UK tech entrepreneurs and in particular disruptive HR technology.

A captivating interview from a true HR disruptor and visionary.

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