Organisations recognise benefits fo flexible working

Four in 10 UK employers have extended the right to request flexible working beyond the legislative requirements, according to research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The report shows employers believe flexible working can have a positive impact on staff motivation, recruitment and retention.

Almost two-thirds of the 585 employers surveyed reported an increase in the number of employees making use of flexible working arrangements over the past three years, with the private sector leading the way.

Rebecca Clake, CIPD organisation and resourcing adviser, said: “Flexible working practices give people more control over when and where they work and this appears to mean more focused and motivated employees.

“The new arrangements help attract under-used groups, such as parents and students, allowing organisations to compete in the war for talent,” she added.

The main constraints on implementing flexible working practices are operational pressures and concerns over the potential negative impact flexible working may have on business delivery, the report said. Respondents also reported major constraints in line managers’ ability to manage individuals working more flexibly.

Meanwhile, the CBI has warned that plans to extend the right to request flexible working to parents with older children or those with other caring responsibilities may reduce an employer’s ability to accommodate them.

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