Over-50s website launches free-for-all jobs board

In a bid to tackle the growing problem of over-50s unemployment and age discrimination in the workplace, 50 Connect, the UK’s largest website for the over-50s, has announced the creation of a free-for-all jobs board to help older jobseekers back into paid employment.

Recent research by PersonnelToday.com found that almost 90 per cent of HR professionals are aware of the pressures created by the UK’s ageing workforce, but are still reluctant to employ older workers to help alleviate the skills crisis.

The study also found custodians of equality and diversity within organisations contradicting themselves and making some shocking admissions.

Almost all HR respondents admit they do not want to employ people aged over 65, and nearly all see age discrimination as rife among UK companies. A quarter believe that discrimination extends to their own organisation.

The vast majority also admit their company is not preparing adequately for the repercussions of an ageing workforce, despite recognising the value older workers can bring to an organisation.

“Many over-50s want to work but through no fault of their own have been made redundant on reaching 50,” said Dale Lovell of 50 Connect. “Age discrimination in the workplace means that many over-50s find it increasingly difficult to find employment. We want to help people back into work by providing easy access to a range of job opportunities online.

“This is not a commercial venture for us,” Lovell said. “Our main concern in launching is to aid the many over-50s who are currently out of work get back into employment.”

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