Parents edit families from CVs

a third of job hunters keep the fact that they have children from potential
employers, research from recruitment agency Pertemps reveals.

study, involving people working in areas ranging from marketing and management
to factories and shops, finds that many parents, particularly women, fear
employers would consider them unreliable.

is also likely to be omitted from a CV, with 15 per cent saying they would not
include it.

separate survey of employers shows that that less than 5 per cent of employers
admit to being put off by female applicants with children. Only 2 per cent say
they would dismiss a CV because the person was the wrong age.

lack of relevant experience is the most common reason for dismissing a CV. This
was followed by CVs that are poorly laid out, too long or contained spelling

Watts, chairman of Pertemps, said, "Age and working mothers are two issues
that are often swept under the carpet. Although we questioned employers about
discrimination we realise that these are sensitive subjects and that the survey
would not reveal the whole truth."

By Lisa Bratby

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