Pensions gender gap could leave women in poverty on retirement

large number of women are at serious risk of facing poverty in retirement,
according to a new report by the ABI (Association of British Insurers).

report, The Gender Pensions Gap
encouraging women to save for retirement, shows that up to 4.5 million working
women are not saving enough for retirement and another 4.5 million women are
not saving at all.

of pensions and savings at the ABI, Joanne Segars, said: “We all know about the gender pay gap.
Today we are highlighting the gender pensions
gap. It is just as wide and just as important.

pressures on women today are immense. We are less likely to be in employment,
we tend to have lower wages and we are more likely to spend our disposable
income on our children. But increased pension saving is vital if women are to
have a decent income in retirement,” she said.


35 per cent of women do not belong to a pension scheme compared to 25 per cent
of men

even when they do save, more
than half of women contribute less than £100 per month to their pension

women are less likely to benefit from employer
contributions – only 9 per cent receive an employer contribution of more than 5
per cent of wages, compared to 15 per cent of men

83 per cent of retired women have a total personal income of less then £1,000
per month compared with just 58 per cent of men.

By Quentin Reade

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