People retention is critical to success

I was delighted to see that consultancy Accenture’s global survey found that people retention was the top priority for business (Personnel Today, 9 August).

People retention has been our prime focus for the past four years, and no-one here has handed in their notice because they wanted to leave our business. The two who did leave went for family and relocation reasons.

Effective people retention goes hand in hand with good staff selection, business leadership, effective company communication systems, a supportive company culture and a good dose of fun.

It also takes time, effort and energy to keep talented people in your business. But it is all worthwhile. The up-side for our business is that we have a strong stable team that supports one another and plays to each other’s strengths. It is much easier to work in a stable business than one in flux. The accountants are also delighted because low staff turnover has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Jane Sunley
Managing director

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