PeopleAnswers helps boost profits 48% per employee

When the Ben E. Keith Company, looked for a pre-employment assessment solution that could reliably identify top sales performers, PeopleAnswers offered the proven scientific methods that met and exceeded every expectation.

Celebrating 102 years of excellence in the food and beverage distribution industry, Ben E. Keith continues to expand its $1 billion business by marketing its services through internal sales representatives. 

To maximize their hiring dollars, company executives searched for an assessment tool that would help them identify future sales leaders with similar characteristics as their current top performers.

The predictive nature of the PeopleAnswers online assessment solution was uniquely suited to Ben E. Keith’s need to hire new candidates with strong sales potential. 

PeopleAnswers predicts who the future top performers will be and helps reduce the number of time-consuming résumé reviews and interviews that HR managers might otherwise conduct during the hiring process.

Over a 1½-year study, new employees with higher scores on the PeopleAnswers assessment generated 48% more in gross profit dollars and 39% more in average sales dollars than all other new hires. 

Not only did the higher-scoring group have a stronger performance from day one, but they built and maintained a sizable sales advantage over their coworkers through the first full year in the position.

Dr. Jason Taylor, Chief Science Officer of PeopleAnswers, emphasized the importance of his company’s methodology: 

“This study strongly illustrates the advantage PeopleAnswers gives any organization wanting to maximize the quality of hires and on-the-job performance. 

“The Performance Profile, working in tandem with our industry-leading assessment, successfully predicted the next crop of great salespeople for Ben E. Keith.  This is a formula we’ve replicated again and again with great success.”

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