Performance Objectives that Work

Format: DVD and workbooks
From: Scott Bradbury
Price: £995 (+VAT)

We have all probably learned to our cost that it is easy to set performance objectives, but rather harder to achieve them. And this is the message from the latest film from the Scott Bradbury stable.

It could be subtitled ‘going beyond the SMART model’, because it looks further than the specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound elements of Smart, to reach into how to get people emotionally and intellectually engaged in achieving their objectives.

The story cleverly uses scenarios from a travel company looking to reduce its environmental impact. This is a subject on most people’s minds and so engages the viewer easily.

We see operations manager Sangita and finance manager David holding productive conversations with their staff. They secure their staff’s commitment to various deadlines because they have probed their beliefs and motivational drivers.

The package is designed to be as helpful as possible: key scenes can be viewed as part of the film or separately, and the guide books contain model training sessions and an analysis of individual scenes, together with questions for syndicate groups.

I was also impressed by the guidebook’s extra case studies and insight into emotional engagement.

This package would be useful for most management or supervisor training sessions.

Relevance: 5 stars (out of 5)
Interactivity: 2 stars
Value for money: 4 stars

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