Plato’s People offer interim managers on the web

A website for interim managers has launched to match candidates with businesses looking for temporary or part-time executives to help with specific company issues.

The founder of Plato’s People, Ruth Manning is a chartered accountant by profession, began developing the site following a career working alongside companies in a variety of industry sectors.

She found that many business owners were largely unaware of interim managers, and that many thought the only way to resolve a problem was to employ expensive firms of consultants.

Ruth said: “An interim manager is a senior executive who is typically hired for a short period to help companies undergo major transformation, implement a new strategy or plug a critical skills gap; and in the current economic climate the role they can play is even more relevant.

“They will work alongside existing staff and help deal with specific issues, but at the end of the assignment the company has no further commitment to the candidate. It is a great way of bringing in the right skills at the right time, especially in uncertain times.

“Plato’s People also enables businesses to find a skilled specialist to support them part-time, which is especially important for growing companies.”

She added: “The website is unique as it allows candidates to create a free directory style entry as well as adding their CV or website details; businesses can then simply view the entries before requesting candidate’s contact information, or they can ask us to search for candidates on their behalf.

“Importantly, businesses are able to search the whole database or specify certain skill sets; so, for example, you may want to migrate your manufacturing site to the Far East and the site can help find people with this experience. Likewise, if a part-time finance director is sought, we can also help.

“As the recession bites, business can also find someone who is experienced at cost-cutting or who will implement a redundancy programme; someone who will help find new markets for your products, or an experienced individual who can help maintain a good relationship with bank managers and investors at a time when maintaining funding is critical.”

Ruth trained as an accountant with one of the “big four” national firms, and was a company finance director before taking a career break, which is when she began Plato’s People.


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