Police constable uses overtime to earn more than £100,000

A London police constable managed to boost his salary to more than £100,000 last year with repeated overtime, the London Paper has reported.

The Metropolitan Police officer is thought to have used extra hours on trips abroad guarding either a member of the royal family or a senior politician to rack up the hours.

The officer was among 38 in the Met to receive more than £100,000 last year, while one sergeant also received more than £100,000, and three others received £100,000 each.

Last month is was reported that top police chiefs were being offered ‘secret pay deals’ on top of their normal salary.

A constable’s basic salary can reach £34,707, but with London weighting and other allowances, this can go up to just over £42,000.

Met Commissioner Paul Stephenson earned a salary of £247,194 last year.

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