Poor English bedevils media sector

There is a “critical” skills gap in the world of publishing, including standards of written English.

Skillset, the sector skills council for the UK’s media sector, has released research indicating that a lack of digital skills among staff and new entrants is holding the industry back.

It said it is “vital” that media staff know how to use and exploit multi-media and multi-platform content.

Skillset also said that literacy levels among new entrants to publishing are “a big concern”.

Use of language and writing skills were designated a “skills gap” by 55% of 217 media employers surveyed.

When it came to new skills, video recording and editing were perceived as a skills gap by 76.2% of respondents.

Gail Rebuck, Skillset board member and chairman of publisher Random House group, said: “It is important that the industry understands and moves with the market so the skills gap this report has identified does not continue to grow.”

Skillset executive director Kate O’Conner said: It is essential that we invest in the future. Staff must develop digital skills if the industry is to survive and thrive.”

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