Priory targets City’s high-flying alcoholics

The Priory hospital chain has begun targeting ‘high-performing alcoholics’ in the City, amid claims that the financial heart of London is suffering from a drink and drugs “epidemic”.

The Priory has begun offering free consultations to City workers in any one of its 15 clinics to discuss their addiction and how to overcome it.

The chain has also launched an advertising campaign designed to ‘normalise’ alcoholism by picturing typical, confident City workers.

The Priory’s alcohol and addiction specialist, Dr Neil Brener, said alcohol dependency and misuse were now commonplace among high achievers.

But a snapshot survey by Occupational Health’s sister newspaper Personnel Today, of City and finance-related HR professionals, found some were worryingly complacent about the issue. One HR director told the paper that drink and drugs misuse was “not a major problem”.

In March, a study by the Priory and the Chartered Management Institute also found that while 85% of managers felt confident they would be able to recognise signs of alcohol misuse, only 54% thought they would be able to spot drug misuse.

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