Public-private divide can be successfully bridged

In response to Lorraine Smales’ comments (Letters, Personnel Today, 8 May), I wanted to share my experience in the hope of encouraging local government HR professionals.

I jumped from 16 years in local government HR service (latterly as the head of personnel and development) to the private sector last September, and have found that my values, knowledge and skills are hugely appreciated – dare I say more so than in my local authority. There is some excellent good practice that local authority officers can transfer into the private sector, and my CPD log has never been busier, with learning experiences gained here that I would not have had in local government.

My advice would be not to give up, and grab the opportunities offered by the more enlightened private businesses. In my experience, it is a positive and rewarding move.

Sally-Anne Myers, HR manager, Scarab Sweepers

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