Public sector has the statistics to prove that people measures are worthwhile

What a shame that Ruth Spellman failed to recognise the talent and contribution that the public sector could make to the human capital management standards board (Investors in People names HCM board members, Personnel Today, 4 July).

Public sector bodies are not only required to produce the equivalent of a company report, but also have years of experience of developing performance systems that measure the impact of people across their business.

The public sector is quite literally bombarded with statutory requirements to measure and report on efficiencies achieved through people, along with statutory reports on other key people-related indicators.

My own organisation, for example, has a ‘people dashboard’ and ‘scorecard’ that measures a range of hard and soft effects, including cultural change.

The highlight indicators are also reviewed at management board level to ensure that critical organisational development (OD) and HR issues are given the highest priority.

Human capital metrics are a way of life for many of us, and it’s a shame that we don’t have the opportunity to share our experience on such a valuable national initiative.

Gillian Hibberd, corporate director (OD and HR), Buckinghamshire County Council

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