Quantify launches web-based 360-degree feedback systems

HR research consultants Quantify have launched two off-the-shelf 360 degree feedback systems on the web.

These systems are:

  • Senior Manager: Designed for a manager who manages a team of people who, themselves, manage teams of people

  • Front Line Manager: Designed for a manager who manages a team of people who don’t manage others.

Each system allows users to specify the schedule of dates for the various project stages, along with the participants’ names and email addresses. It then handles the administration and reporting, with no further intervention from the participants or any project coordinator.

Quantify’s Principal Consultant, David Lusty, commented: “Quantify usually handles 360 degree feedback as a bespoke project for each client and makes the feedback reflect the client’s competences framework for the roles involved.

“However, many of our clients have asked for generic 360 degree Feedback that they can start today without the delay, effort and expense of setting up a bespoke system. We’ve responded with two low-cost, off-the-shelf, 360 degree Feedback systems.

“And, as well as doing the processing and reporting for these new systems, Quantify offers Consultant Facilitated Feedback – face-to-face or via telephone – to help participants get the most out of the feedback.”

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