Recession drives fulltime mums to find work online

As the UK enters recession, thousands of stay-at-home mums are using the internet to find occasional work to supplement the household income.

Highly-skilled and experienced mothers are using to source work from the increasing number of businesses that outsource specific projects to remote experts.

This has resulted a growing market for mothers with skills in writing, marketing and administration for example.

With just 57% of mothers officially in employment (National Statistics), many more are choosing to take-on ad hoc work in conjunction with raising children.

The financial pressures associated with the economy’s fall into recession – particularly inflation – mean many mothers are forced to return to work.

However, the practicalities of raising children, holding down a full- or part-time job and the costs associated with childcare make it an unattractive or unfeasible option for many.

Instead, PeoplePerHour is providing an efficient system for finding occasional work that can be managed and delivered online – after the children have gone to bed.

“Things were beginning to look financially tight – especially with Christmas looming,” reports one PeoplePerHour user, a mother of three. “I’ve started offering freelance marketing services to businesses that require support. I manage to make several hundred pounds a month, which is enormously helpful as we begin to feel the squeeze. As a result, it won’t feel like a tight Christmas this year.”

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, PeoplePerHour’s founder and CEO believes a talent pool of experienced mothers is emerging online.

“Before the advent of the internet, there was no outlet for stay-at-home mothers to harness their skills to generate an income. Now businesses across the UK can easily source a talented and experienced mothers looking for an additional income.”

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