Recruiters fight snow with cloud

UK recruiters using Bullhorn®’s web-based software suffered no recent downtime despite the widespread disruptions on the roads and public transport. The Software–as-a-Service provider surveyed its UK customers to determine how recruitment companies across the country have been affected by the adverse weather. As the global leader in on-demand recruitment software, Bullhorn enabled agencies to provide a consistent service to clients and candidates. 

The Bullhorn applicant tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) software is hosted entirely in the cloud and was therefore impervious to the heavy snowfall which saw much of the UK out of action. London-based specialist energy recruiter, Spencer Ogden, reported total uptime, even though 16% of its workforce was unable to make it into the office.

Donna Hewett, Head of Operations at Spencer Ogden, explained: “As soon as the weather reports came through in the morning, we knew staff would be stuck at home. Using a cloud-based system allows us to continue running a seamless operation, continuing business as usual and filling roles from home.”  

Peter Linas, Bullhorn’s UK Managing Director, commented: “Our poll suggests that 10 to 20 percent of recruiters were working from home. Without a web-based CRM and ATS platform, a 50-strong recruitment agency with a fifth of its staff stuck at home could have lost around 75 hours per day. This amounts to a significant risk to the business. As with the ash cloud incident earlier this year, Software-as-a-Service has proved to be the solution of choice for agencies that see the value of seamless business continuity.”

Bullhorn’s own London office was also badly hit by the snow, with five staff unable to travel into London.  Linas explained: “It was not an issue as our entire business architecture is in the cloud, including our phone system. The staff in question just logged into Bullhorn and their phones and worked as usual”.


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