Recruiters shun internet over poor quality candidates

are deserting the internet after finding themselves swamped with sub-standard
CVs, according to a new study.

survey of HR managers in 58 organisations by IT consultancy Parity shows that
only one in 20 recruiters used the internet to recruit during 2003 compared
with one on three in 2001.

Parity warns that with a quarter of internet users now apply for jobs online,
companies could be missing out on quality candidates if they are do not use the
internet to recruit.

Coia, global talent acquisition manager at Parity, said: "Many recruiters
have abandoned the internet due to the sheer volume of online applications. But
since jobseekers are increasingly turning to the internet, the ideal solution
would be to reduce the number of applications and raise the quality of

make the screening process more effective, the Parity recommends:

Online psychometric testing and competency interviewing to ‘screen’ candidates
before they apply for jobs.

CV scanning software to filter out applications that don’t meet basic criteria.

By Michael Millar

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