Research exposes seven-month itch that makes new recruits want to quit

UK workers are suffering from a ‘seven-month itch’ after starting a new job, according to research.
Almost eight in 10 (78%) of the 1,400 employees surveyed by Office Angels recruitment consultancy said that the seven-month mark was a crucial milestone in any job.

Three-quarters (77%) of responds said they looked to their managers for inspiration, and 66% wanted to be mentored in the first year or so of their career.

More than half (54%) of disheartened respondents believed their employer had “oversold” their job to encourage them to take it.

David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels, said: “The results reinforce the importance of transparency and good communication between employers and employees. However, too many people leaving after just seven months causes staff ‘churn’, which is detrimental to the bottom line and the general morale of a business.

“Our experience suggests that by simply opening the lines of communication between employer and employee from day one, most of the dissatisfactions highlighted from the study could be diluted”.

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