Research: Workforce Diversity and Equality

The Personnel Today Workforce Diversity and Equality survey, produced in association with DLA, polled 1,300 HR professionals in both the public and private sectors.

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The findings highlight significant issues surrounding how well prepared organisations are for forthcoming European equal treatment legislation, the competence of line managers to implement equality and diversity policies and the commitment of senior managers. 

Jane King, editor of Personnel Today, says, “The research indicated that – despite publicity surrounding equality in the workplace – many employers have a lot more work to do to comply with equality legislation and to realise the proven business benefits of equality and diversity policies.”

Some key findings:

● Only half of respondents believe their organisation’s success in implementing a culture of diversity is good or excellent.

● Six out of 10 HR professionals believe line managers do not have the skills to deal with diversity and equality issues, indicating a need for more training

● Only four out of 10 employers measure the diversity profile of their workforce, leaving the majority unprepared to anticipate and manage diversity issues

● Only one in 10 organisations monitors the sexual orientation, religions and beliefs of their workforce, despite forthcoming legislation covering these areas

● Half of organisations fail to audit their pay and benefits to ensure equality of treatment despite imminent equal pay legislation and high profile court cases

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