Resource Guide: Health

This weeks resource guide

The Health Development Agency

A special health authority aiming to improve the health of people in
England, replaced the Health Education Authority in 2000.

A typically unexciting looking government website, but straightforward to
use and contains easy-to-digest information. Includes useful details of
conferences, events and other related websites that could prove invaluable.

The Healthy Way

An online resource for professionals working within the health promotion
field. Includes health training materials in four languages, including English,
and lists events such as conventions and workshops.

Covers topics including nutrition, heart disease, mental health, cancer,
Aids, and safety/accidents. and each entry gives details of target groups the
material is aimed at, aims and objectives of the material and details of how to
get hold of it. An unusual site, but worth a look.

Health Promotion Research Internet Network

An English language site based at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, hosts
a mailing list for health promotion and disease prevention research.

World Health Organisation

Main site of the Geneva-based WHO. Gives an overview of work and policy,
plus access to databases, related resources, regional offices and epidemiology
information. Well worth a look, a very thorough site.

World Health Organisation (Europe). European site of WHO

Health Promotion Wales

This comprehensive resource is aimed at both health professionals and anyone
concerned about their health and welfare.

It is an easy-to-use and clear site covering issues at all stages of
development from birth to old age.

Highlights include research currently being undertaken on a variety of
health issues, health promotion topics, tests for health promotion and a
wide-ranging search engine.

Health Education Board of Scotland

Health Promotion Agency Northern Ireland

Various health-promotion organisations

Wide ranging site includes the European Network of Health Promotion, the Health
Promotion Glossary published by the World Health Organisation, the
International Union for Health Promotion and Education, and a Multilingual
Thesaurus on Health Promotion.

Compiled by Kate Rouy

This listing is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further additions
from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to include
in this series

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