Respect, discipline and great management; the makings of a world beating team!


For the past 11 years, Best Companies have been researching and analysing employee feedback to compile The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For lists – the only way to pit your organisation against the best of British Business and find out how engaged your employees are to boot.

Happy teams = productive teams

As many of you understand, good team relationships mean happy workplaces, which means productive employees. If poor attitudes and intra-team politics are allowed to carry on unchecked, then many teams could be miles away from the productivity levels that they could be at.  Just like the teams in this year’s World Cup Tournament, team spirit and discipline will play a big part in how your team performs!

When we asked employees if they get a buzz from working within their team, 89% of engaged employees agreed, however out of those who were overall disengaged only 29% agreed with that statement. This data shows that overall engagement and team relationships are intrinsically linked. If we look at how this pans out on the field, you can notice a clear difference in how matches play out when you have players who don’t gel compared to those who perform with passion, belief, discipline and respect for each other.

Manager influence

Many football fans and journalists will speculate what their teams and managers are like on and off the pitch, reacting to every sniff of gossip. Only the players can comment on what the managers are like behind closed doors. At Best Companies we look at ‘My Manager’ as one of our eight-factors of engagement, one question we ask is if their manager motivates them to do their very best every day.  82% of engaged employees across the companies that entered last year’s Best Companies Accreditation Standard said “YES”. However, for those that were disengaged in their workplace, only 30% agreed to this statement.

Middle managers are core to an employee’s engagement; they are more often than not the voice of the company and senior decisions, they now perform managerial duties, some HR functions, performance management, and many other roles; that’s a lot of hats to wear! Good managers who are equipped with the right tools and the right attitudes can lead a whole organisation into a place where teams are engaged, motivated and productive.

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