RivaDivas launch a simple way to improve employee engagement

RivaDivas is pleased to announce the launch of its fully managed greeting card service, to help boost employee morale and support the employee engagement process. 

Used as part of a wider employee recognition program, Rivadivas provides a cost effective, hassle free way, of connecting with employees on important dates such as birthdays and employee anniversaries.

Changing economic times have a damaging effect on staff morale, resulting in increased absenteeism, poor performance levels and ultimately higher staff turnover. 

RivaDivas makes it easy to connect directly with each and every employee. Whilst the sending of cards to employees can be done in-house, it has typically been the last business activity to have a reliable, repeatable process in place. 

It makes economic sense to reduce the drudgery work for your staff and free up their time to work for you more productively. 

Alex Neville, RivaDivas – Director says:

‘It takes just a couple of conversations and emails for us to compose a short personal greeting for you.  We will then select a beautiful high quality card from our gallery of fine art photography and merge the greeting with your mailing list, address the envelope, lick the stamp and post it to arrive at the employees home address on time. 

“It’s the personal touch that makes you feel more valued, and can make all the difference.’

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