Rotherham Council utilises OrgPlus to plan for future workforce challenges

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, has announced that the Rotherham Council has recently selected OrgPlus for its organisational planning solution.  Implemented by RBT, the joint venture partnership between Rotherham Borough Council and BT, OrgPlus is being used by the Council to enable visibility of its organisational structure at all staff levels, as well as allowing  employee data to be viewed by management and senior personnel to support workforce planning.  Additionally, the Council intends to roll out OrgPlus to all 15,000 employees via its secure web-based self-service application.

With OrgPlus, information views via the web are managed according to an employee’s level and role within the organisation. All staff will be able to view the organisation chart and reporting lines as well as visual employee directories. Managers will have advanced views of more sensitive employee HR data related to their own management teams, such as access to attendance records and policy issues.

The HR team is also using the workforce analytics within OrgPlus to spot trends and identify root causes of problems by drilling down into specific charts.  Working with service directors and department heads, the HR team uses the information to support strategic decisions on reorganisations and succession planning. OrgPlus enables the Council senior personnel to compile what-if scenarios, providing an immediate view of the budget and staffing impact of any restructuring.

“We found OrgPlus from HumanConcepts to be the most advanced product in the marketplace. It has rich functionality, yet it is very easy to use,” said Alan Rodgers, HR and Payroll Manager at Rotherham Council. “It provides relevant and timely metrics to assist senior managers with their strategic planning, and delivers information that supports managers and employees on a daily basis.

“We have also started our development of organisational change and are working with HumanConcepts to push the boundaries of what has been achieved before. We are introducing an automated system that will enable users to model organisational changes, gain approvals and then action the request to HR and Payroll. For us, OrgPlus is a key workforce management solution.  It will enable our directors and HR team to shape the organisation as we address the challenges ahead, including budget reductions and tighter performance measurement.”

Using OrgPlus will enable the Council to meet the key performance indicators (KPIs) as set out in the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), a new way of assessing local public services in England. This joint assessment made by a group of six independent watchdogs examines how well councils are working together with other public bodies to meet the needs of its constituents. Assessments will be made publicly available every year and will provide an annual snapshot of quality of life in the area.

Gill Daniels, Director of EMEA West at HumanConcepts, commented, “OrgPlus enables HR professionals and senior executives to plan and manage their workforce, and supports sophisticated workforce analysis. For local authorities, these are challenging times in terms of budget reductions and organisational development. OrgPlus is intuitive, easy to use organisational charting software that can support management personnel in making strategic business decisions. It provides up-to-the-minute employee data that can be manipulated to create what if scenarios that can clearly demonstrate the impact of decisions both financially and operationally.”

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