Safety-Kleen lowers turnover with PeopleAnswers software tool

Safety-Kleen Systems, directs job candidates to PeopleAnswers’ cutting-edge, pre- employment assessment to identify top prospects for the Safety-Kleen team of 4,500 employees.

As a result, a recent one-year case study reflected a statistically significant drop in employee turnover of 46%.

Safety-Kleen completes 2.1 million service calls to more than 350,000 unique customer locations each year.

Employees are the face of the company during each customer contact, and the value of keeping quality employees in the Safety-Kleen colors over the long term is the primary reason PeopleAnswers plays a big part in the company’s hiring strategy.

Drawing on a documented history of success in the professional/industrial services industry, PeopleAnswers approached Safety -Kleen’s turnover challenge with the same methodology that regularly produces double-digit turnover reductions for other clients.

Assessing every job candidate early in the hiring process allows hiring managers to focus on the best prospects.

Safety-Kleen’s Jean Lee, Vice President-Talent Acquisition & Development, has proof that the company has experienced long- term turnover reductions using PeopleAnswers.

“Back in 2005 our first PeopleAnswers case study showed a 27% year-over-year drop in overall turnover. This new study shows how the system correctly identifies our most reliable performers, since ‘Recommended’ hires have 46% less turnover than hires from the ‘Not Recommended’ category.

“Using the recommendations and behavioral insight that PeopleAnswers provides, our managers are better equipped than ever before to make good hiring decisions.”

PeopleAnswers’ scalable, predictive, easy-to-use software makes quality employee selection possible for Safety-Kleen.

“Even though we’ve seen tremendous success reducing Safety-Kleen’s turnover rates,” says Gabriel Goncalves, President and CEO of PeopleAnswers,

“We are regularly reviewing Performance Profiles and improving the science of our product to generate stronger results in the future. We are never satisfied, and our clients appreciate that work ethic when the benefit to them is lower turnover, better performance, and major reductions in their hiring expenses.”

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