School staff receive bonus for improved results

at nearly 7,000 schools in England will get a cash bonus for helping pupils to
achieve high or improved test results last year.

staff qualify for the bonus – including caretakers, caterers and admin staff as
well as teachers.

year’s School Achievement Awards are worth around £5,700 for a typical primary
school and £25,700 for a secondary school. They have been awarded to schools:

Where pupil performance was substantially better than in 1999

Where pupil performance in 2002 was better than most schools in similar

That have come out of special measures in the 2001/02 school year

Standards Minister David Miliband congratulated the winners: "There is
much to celebrate about our schools – improving results, good teaching and committed

in schools depends on each and every member of staff working together to raise
standards. It is right to reward the staff whose work helps pupils to learn and
these awards celebrate their achievements."

By Quentin Reade

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